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What's New

Major changes in each release

V1.5.2 (Current)

  • Kit Kat support - Several updates to better support Kit Kat. Note: the option to consume incoming Tracker messages will no longer work in Kit Kat and above - this is an Android restriction.
  • Google Street View - Selecting any Pin on the map now allows you to link directly to Street View (where available).
  • GSM Cell tower - Improved Cell tower processing for some clones and added Cell Tower as a pin on the Map. This option uses the OpenCellID database which requires that some anonymous cell tower information is collected and provided to the OpenCellID project. You can disable this data collection but then GSM cell tower positions will not be shown on your map. For more information see here.
  • New Permission - Read Network State is required to allow Wi-Fi only updates for GSM cell tower information.
  • Clone Support - Added several new clone device types including those that use a hash (#) command separator and those that send a password before the command. Added several new options to support clone device functions. For more information on the tracker types and commands please see here
  • Google Maps links - Improved map processing for SMS messages that only contain Google maps links.
  • Other Maps - Improved support for other mapping apps.
  • System logging - Improved warning and error logging to improve support. Fixed log file email attachment bug.
  • Application Size - Improved memory processing to reduce amount of memory used.
  • Other - Various other minor bug fixes and display improvements.


Previous Versions:


  • V1.5.1 code re-released to fix corrupted upload file which was causing FC on phone reboot.


New Features:

  • Google Maps - Selecting any Pin on the map now allows you to link directly to Google Maps in a new screen. You can then get directions (walking driving etc.) from your current position to the map Pin you selected. You may also use Google Navigation to guide you directly, turn by turn, to the selected Pin.

  • Charging Status - Battery charging status is now shown for those devices that support it.

  • GPRS - Switching between GPRS and SMS modes is supported for additional clone types.
  • SMSONE Command - Available for those devices that support it.
  • Improved general clone support for various message formats.
  •  Android JB support.

Bug fixes:

  • FC when selecting deleted map points.
  • FC when occasionally re-sending Alarm setup SMS.
  • Various other minor bug fixes and display improvements.


New Features:

  • Cell Tower Location - Calculates the current Device's cell tower location, range & geocode (where available). Optionally shows this on the map display as well as providing the information in the status screens and as a Google link in email

  • GPRS - Allows management of GPRS & SD Card settings as well as switching between GPRS and SMS modes.
  • Trips - Allows definition & replay on map of previous trips as well as allowing pre-defined trip types for general map display (e.g. always show last 7 days etc.)
  • Database - Allow deletion of tracking history for any Device.
  • Map Display - Option to scale the map to show all points in one view.
  • Status Screen - Updated status screen to show GSM and GPRS data from the Device.
  • Improved Clone support.
  • Updated Title bar.
  • Updated Settings & Help screens
  • Additional Device configuration settings

Bug fixes:

  • Missing international dialing code for some devices
  • FC when changing Device icon on first set-up
  • FC In Stockade setup when no location provider available
  • 30 minute time zone error with some Devices
  • Several other minor bugs.


  • Fixed decimal input for some regional configurations.
  • Updated input keyboard type for some devices/configurations.
  • Updated password change screen.


  • Android ICS support.
  • Stockade (Geofence) alarm.
  • Position updates direct from map and device Tabs.
  • Quick preset SMS tracking.
  • Google Maps links send to email etc.
  • Unlimited device support.
  • TLimit tracking function.
  • Tracking database export to file.
  • Additional Clone support and options.
  • Quicker device setup.
  • More comprehensive help.
  • Log files moved to TKMon\\logs directory.
  • Various bug fixes.

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