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Application Settings

Application Settings

Allows configuration of the application default settings.

Control Buttons

  • Save - Validates/Saves the current settings and exits. If any value is invalid then a default value is set & saved - in this case the screen remains active.
  • Undo - Refreshes the screen with the currently saved values.
  • Exit - Exits the screen without saving.

Menu Options

  • Show Defaults - Shows the system default settings.
  • Help - Shows this help file.

System Settings

Setting (default value) explanation

  • Load on Boot (ON) The application will be automatically started whenever the Phone is re-booted. TKMon may be moved to and run from the SD Card in order to reduce the amount of phone memory it consumes. If you do this, it will not be able to re-start automatically when your phone re-boots.  This may mean that you miss important messages from your Device.  We recommend that you run TKMon from the Phone memory whenever possible.
  • Allow SMS & Phone Usage (ON) If not set the application will not send any SMS messages or initiate any phone calls. The main background services will be stopped but may be re-started if a new SMS message arrives for one of the registered Devices.  To completely shut down the program and ignore any incoming SMS use the Main Screen menu option 'Close Application'  
  • Request delivery receipt for SMS (OFF) if Set will request a delivery report from the cellular network for each SMS that is sent by TKMon. Not all networks will support this function and some may charge you for using this feature.
  • Allow no International Code (OFF) Allows Device to be configured without the full international phone code (e.g. +44....) This option should only be set if you know your carrier does not pass full international codes.  Setting this option may restrict your ability to contact the Device from outside your home country.
  • Show Icon in Status Bar (ON) Show the application icon GreenPin in the status bar whenever the application is active.
  • Enable Debug Logging (OFF) If Set will enable the writing of some debug information to the internal log file. This information may be useful to the Applette Support team in diagnosing application problems. This option will increase the size of the log file and should only be set when requested by Applette Support. 
  • Log all Tracker SMS (ON) Saves all SMS messages to & from monitored Devices in a log file (TKSMSLog.dat) on the phone. (We will request this log file if you are having problems and contact us for support)
  • Consume Tracker SMS (OFF) If set then all SMS messages from monitored Devices will not be passed on to the standard SMS program after processing.  The recommended setting allows the standard SMS handler to also receive these messages as normal. (Note: From Android KitKat version and above this option will not prevent the "default SMS handler" from receiving incoming SMS messages too. This is an Android restriction)
  • Confirm Tracking Cancel (OFF) Sends an explicit cancel (notn/nofix) command when the requested number of tracking messages has been received. Some Devices may randomly repeat tracking sequences later (which can generate additional costs) unless they receive this command. (Individual Devices may override this value in Device Settings)
  • Send SMS to Cancel SOS (OFF) Sends an SMS to explicitly cancel the Device SOS status. Some devices will continue to repeat the SOS alert message until they receive this command - others only send in one SOS alert and do not require an explicit cancel. (Individual Devices may override this value in Device Settings)

Map Settings

Setting (default value) explanation

  • Map points to display (10) The number of GPS points to be displayed on the map. The latest points will be shown.  The maximum allowed is 300.
  • Move alarm radius (200) Approximate amount of movement (in meters) from the current position before a 'Move' alarm is triggered. Note: The actual figure used by the Device may not be configurable and varies by Device and manufacturer. Not all Trackers support changing this value in which case this setting only affects the how the map shows the movement area perimeter. You should set this value from your Device documentation or actual experience. Individual Devices may override this value in Tracking Settings.
  • Show current position (ON) The position of the phone will also be shown on the map.  This position may not be displayed or be only approximate unless GPS is also enabled on the phone.  Enabling GPS on the phone may decrease battery life.
  • Show compass (ON) A compass will be displayed on the Map.
  • Show GSM cell tower - (ON) Show position & range of the cell tower that your Device is using as an overlay on the map. This uses the OpenCellID database and may not always be available or 100% accurate. In order to use this service you must agree to contribute some anonymous GSM cell tower information in return (see OpenCellID Settings below. Individual Devices may override this value in Device Settings. For more information on the OpenCellID project go here.
  • Allow email send (ON) Tapping a point on the map will display its coordinates, status and address.  Enabling this setting will allow this information to be sent via any registered handler (email, SMS, Bluetooth, Facebook etc.) on the phone.

OpenCellID Settings

Setting (default value) explanation

  • Minutes between cell measurements (15) The time TKMon will wait before attempting to discover GSM cell towers.  Valid range is 0 to 240 minutes. If you set this value to zero then cell tower scanning will be continuous - this may cause TKMon to use more CPU and battery. Our testing has shown that scanning for 1 minute every 15 minutes allows useful information to be provided to OpenCellID without causing a noticeable increase in battery/data usage.
  • Cell information scan time (minutes)  (1) The time in minutes that TKMon should spend scanning for new cell towers before going back to sleep. Valid range is 1 to 999 minutes. In order to conserve resources, TKMon doesn't scan continuously during this period but will attempt to take a sample approximately once every two seconds.
  • Minutes between cell measurement uploads (20) The interval between attempts to upload any cell tower information discovered during the scan to the OpenCellID servers. Valid range is 1-240 minutes. Each measurement is approximately 100 bytes so the volume of data will be very small.  
  • Only upload measurements over wireless network (OFF) Don't use the cellular network to upload measurements. The data volume is very low - very much lower than just the adverts in a typical free app.
  • Stop after one measurement each cycle - (OFF) Stop collecting cell tower information once at least on cell tower has been found during each collection cycle.  This may reduce battery usage by a small amount but will not provide as much useful data as normal.
  • Wake phone if asleep to allow data collection. (ON) On Android version 4.2.2 and below this option will wake the phone for a fraction of a second during the Cell information scan time in order to allow a cell tower measurement to be updated. Android 4.3 and above does this automatically.

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