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TKMon and OpenCellID


Some trackers provide GSM cell tower information in addition to (or in some cases instead of) the GPS location coordinates. 


TKMon uses this information to show an approximate location on its map for the tracker even if there is no GPS signal.  

This functionality makes use of the OpenCellID project database of GSM cell tower locations. 

This used to be a completely free service but has recently changed its terms of use and now charges a monthly fee for commercial use.  However, users may still access the database free of charge if they contribute GSM cell tower position data to the OpenCellID project. 


In order to continue to provide the GSM cell tower function, TKMon can now gather cell tower information in the background and transmit it to the OpenCellID servers. 

This information consists of the GSM cell tower identification together with the network, signal strength and GPS location of TKMon at the time. 

The data collected is completely anonymous and no user identifiable information is captured or sent.


When sufficient readings for any particular cell tower are received then the OpenCellID servers can estimate the actual position of the cell towers.  The more readings they receive the more accurate the information becomes.  This estimated GSM cell tower position information is what TKMon uses on its map. 


TKMon gathers this data at regular intervals and the collection parameters have been set such that it shouldn’t impact battery/data usage in a measurable manner. 

You can adjust the collection timeframes and other parameters to best suit your personal requirements.  

You can also opt out of the data collection service completely.  If you do this however you will not be able to use the cell tower functions in TKMon.


For more information on the OpenCellID project please go to their website.



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