If you are having problems with TKMon, please check the FAQ below.

If, having checked the FAQ, you are still having problems then please contact our Support department giving as much information about the problem as possible.

Please include the following information with your support request:

  • Device type (e.g. TK201-2) & whether it is a clone or a genuine Xexun Device. (click on the Xexun link & input your Device IMEI code to see if it is a clone Device)
  • Phone Make & Model & Android level if known (e.g. Gingerbread, ICS, 2.2 Kit Kat etc.)
  • Description of the problem
  • The TKSMSLog.dat file from the TKMon/logs/ directory of your SD Card or Phone Memory if no SD Card is installed. (This will be attached automatically if you click the Support link)
  • If your Device is a clone then a copy of (or link to) the PDF/Word documentation that came with your device.

Once we have the above information, we should be able to analyse the problem and provide you with a solution.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Most support issues with TKMon are covered below.


My Device won't respond to any commands & the green LED is flashing rapidly


The Device is not connected to the GSM & GPS networks.  Check the SIM.  Make sure the battery is fully charged Check that the LED is flashing rapidly and leave the Device where it has a clear view of the sky until it initialises. Note: New Devices can take several hours to

complete their first GPS satellite synchronisation


Is my Device a clone?


Click on the Xexun link & input your Device IMEI code to see if it is a clone Device.  If your device is a clone then you will need to set the

appropriate clone options in Device Settings


'Update Position' Doesn't work properly.


The device may have been manually set into Monitor mode. Switch it back to Tracker mode with a "tracker123456" command. If you are

sure that the TKMon configuration is correct & the device is in Tracker mode, then this problem is usually caused by the Device not hanging

up before voicemail starts.  It is very important that voicemail is completely disabled. Each phone carrier has a different way of doing this so check with them on how to do this for your SIM.


I have a Google Play SMS manager application & TKMon is not receiving any messages.


TKMon attempts to capture and process incoming SMS messages for any configured Devices before any other SMS Applications.  Once it has processed the message, it then passes it on to any other SMS Application that wants it. Occasionally a Market SMS Application may get the message first and not allow it to be passed on to anyone else. Usually there is a configuration option in the Market SMS Application to enable this to happen - Make sure this is set and TKMon should then work.

Device SIM

Make sure the SIM card:

  • Is clean & inserted correctly
  • Has sufficient carrier credit
  • Has voicemail fully disabled. (This is very important)

TKMon Configuration

  • All Phone numbers in the program should have the full international code attached. (e.g. US numbers must begin with +1..., UK with +44... etc.) Failure to do this will mean that messages from your Device may not be recognised by TKMon. If your cellular carrier prevents you from using this format please set the 'Allow no International Code' in  Application Settings. Note: Setting this option may restrict your ability to contact the Device from outside your home country.
  •  If you have a clone Device, please check your Device documentation and make sure you have the set correct values under 'More Options' in
    Device Settings. (e.g. most clones need the "Uses Signed GPS Coordinates" option.)