TKMon Clone Support

TKMon V1.3 and above supports genuine Xexun TK101, TK102, TK102-2, TK201 TK201-2 type devices and clones that conform to the following messaging types:

Latitude & Longitude

Tracking command

Alarm alerts.

Battery status

We have done extensive testing of some clones but given the number of different clone devices available, some commands may not always work as expected and some may not function at all. Note:- not all Devices support all functions and some Application features may only work with some Devices.

If you have a clone and TKMon is not managing it correctly then please contact us at and we will do our best to support you.  In order to assist us with this, please include an example of the message that is not working correctly - e.g. lat:123.45678 long:001.23456 speed:090.00 T:17/01/11 15:14 Bat:25% and a description of the error.

Please also provide if possible the following attachments: